Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Floral Print Tunic

Today I am wearing:
Floral Tunic - Urban Outfitters; Black Tunic (worn underneath) - Topshop; Tights - ?; Bracelet - Primark; Snake Ring - Ebay and Boots - Topshop

So much for summer; today in Manchester we are enduring drizzle! After getting soaked on my morning jog (which I in fact found quite refreshing haha), I have written my CV and am off job-hunting about town this afternoon. However, before then I am going to email my best friend who is 'chillaxing by the pool' in Florida; we agreed to be pen-pals before she went, but on second thoughts, this is just making me jealous :(


  1. hey sweetie! good luck on the job hunt!! i love these pictures- you're so beautiful you should be a model or something- especially with that hair!

    Thanks for your comment. My PhD is in Cardiac Surgery! i'll be finished in the next couple of months! hopefully ill pass and be a Dr! ru interested in working in science? xxx

  2. gorgeous! i love your outfit especially the tunic and your legs go on forever.
    I've been job hunting too, hope your more lucky than i've been :) lovess x

  3. i agree you should be model! love the boots x

  4. good luck ;) you know really how to choose topshop shoes <3 cant wait to get to london and go crazy on topshop !

  5. thx for comment in my blog!
    Gorgeous tunic, and the booties are sooo cute!
    if you like my blog, follow(:

  6. omg! you're so beautiful ;D outfit is great , but i love your hair, legs and everything ;p i'm a little bit jealous ;p

  7. the shoes are gorgeous ! i love the tunic too

  8. why thank you very much for your lovely comment, and for nominating me..means a whole lot <3

    &&Hey, I am loving your style, well from what I have seen so far!
    you look like a top model and you have fab hair girl ;)
    keep it up, this blog is going places !!

    also, good luck with the job hunt



  9. Gorgeous outfit. I think you should be a model, you look amazing :) x

  10. Noo! How cruel, just reminding you about that pool... Even making me jealous, and I don't even know her!

  11. again a super cool outfit